Gannon University’s Small Business Development Center Consultant Receives National Certification

Posted: November 20, 2015

Amanda Kochirka, a business consultant at Gannon University's Small Business Development Center (SBDC), has received certification from Growth Wheel, a visual toolbox that aids startup and growth companies in decision-making and action planning.

She now becomes the only consultant in the northwest quadrant of the state who is certified to use the comprehensive business evaluation and planning tool that helps startup and early-stage companies find short-term goals and focus on manageable aspects of their businesses.

Kochirka and three colleagues from Pennsylvania SBDCs attended an intensive two-day training in San Francisco to learn the Growth Wheel system and its associated tools.

"Growth Wheel starts with a 360-degree evaluation, the literal 'growth wheel,'" Kochirka explained. "The screening concentrates on three broad areas: what's missing from a business plan, mapping opportunities and rating the skills that owners have."

Kochirka will present her experiences with the Growth Wheel program at the Pennsylvania SBDC conference in Cranberry this month. 

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