Gannon Welcomes Hundreds of Middle School Students To Campus

Posted: March 24, 2015

Gannon University will host more than 200 eighth-grade students from Erie's Woodrow Wilson middle school on Wednesday, March 25 as part of the "College for Every Student" (CFES) program, a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping underserved students prepare for, gain access to and succeed in college.

During their two-hour visit the students will tour the new Human Performance Laboratory, participate in a discussion on health and wellness and the importance of exercise and good eating habits, witness an experiment in a science lab, attend a demonstration by Gannon's acrobatics and tumbling team and visit one of the University's residence halls.

Gannon University participates in CFES with the Erie School District through the University's Erie-GAINS (Erie-Gannon Alliances to Improve Neighborhood Sustainability) initiative. Since the CFES program's inception, nearly 1,000 Wilson students have been part of the annual events on campus. Data collected by CFES show that underserved students who get early exposure to colleges and universities have a greater chance of college attendance than do their peers who do not receive such exposure.

"One of the areas of emphasis of the Erie-GAINS initiative is health and wellness and the link between wellness and nutrition," said Erika Ramalho, Gannon University's director of community and government relations. "Overall health and wellness is important for quality of life and academic success, both in middle school and in the university setting. We hope that education after high school is the ultimate aspiration of these students." 

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