Nationally Recognized Gannon Professor Presents “Sleep: I Need How Much?”

Sleep SeminarPosted: March 5, 2015

It's a precious commodity that you can't borrow or buy, though there's never enough of it available and no end of people who need it.

It's sleep, and it's the subject of a massive study by the National Sleep Foundation that will be discussed by Gannon biology professor Robert Rawding, Ph.D. at a free public talk entitled "Sleep: I Need How Much?" on March 25 at 7 p.m. at Gannon's Zurn Science Center.

Rawding was one of 18 scientists, physicians, and researchers who examined the scientific literature concerning sleep duration recommendations to identify a consensus on the amount of sleep needed by people at different stages of their lives.

He will discuss the findings that were published in "Sleep Health," the nationally recognized Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, that identified appropriate sleep durations for healthy individuals with normal sleep patterns in eight different age categories.

"Sleep is something we all need, but don't always seem to get enough of to be refreshed," Rawding said. "For all of us, knowing about its appropriate length and hygiene is important for our health and well-being." 

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