Gannon University Hosts Chemistry on the Silver Screen

Chemistry on the Silver Screen logoPosted: February 23, 2015

Film buffs often talk about on-screen chemistry, but what about chemistry on the screen-not the interpersonal kind but the scientific kind?

That's the inspiration behind "Chemistry on the Silver Screen," a webinar and networking event sponsored by Erie Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) on Tuesday at Gannon University's Zurn Science Center, Room 329 starting at 6:30 p.m. The Zurn Science Center is located at 143 W. Seventh St., and parking is available in the ramp on Peach Street between Seventh and Eighth Streets.

The webinar portion will explore the science behind favorite movies and television shows, from the speculative ("Gravity" and "Battlestar Galactica") to the most grittily realistic ("Breaking Bad," about a high school chemistry teacher).

After the webinar, which will be seen by thousands of ACS members at 184 chapter locations nationwide, experts will answer questions about how chemists became involved in the film and television industry and how chemists and chemistry have influenced movies and television shows. Donna Nelson, Ph.D., the incoming ACS president who served as a consultant in the production of "Breaking Bad," will be one of the participating experts.

A networking event will follow where students and peers can make connections with local scientists and early career chemists while enjoying movie theater snacks. A movie trivia quiz and prizes will be available.

The American Chemical Society is the U.S. affiliate of the largest scientific organization in the world, with 164,000 members. Lisa Nogaj, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry at Gannon University, is a member of the ACS Younger Chemists Committee that organized the event at the national level. "This is a fun networking event that will bring together a mix of scientists and students from across our area," Nogaj said. "Younger chemists will have a chance to meet other members of the Society, who can provide career advice and may even be able to help them land their first job."

Admission is free. Online registration for the event is available here

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