Gannon University’s WERG Wins College Radio Day Award

CRD PlaquePosted: February 15, 2015

Give Chet LaPrice a day and he'll take a week.

LaPrice is operations manager for 90.5 WERG, the student-operated radio station at Gannon University that was given a "Spirit of College Radio Award" by a college radio advocacy group.

LaPrice was himself a disc jockey at WERG in his student days when there were actual discs to jockey. He's a radio true believer, so when a group of college radio stations banded together to increase awareness and listenership at an event called "College Radio Day," LaPrice went a step beyond-several steps, in fact.

He declared "College Radio Week" and stuffed it with outreach activities to raise the profile of 90.5 WERG and other left-of- the-dial stations. These activities included live remote broadcasts in busy campus buildings, a social media blitz and simulcasts featuring station promotion announcements, called "liners," inserted into 90.5 WERG's programming.

"Our students have always been talented writers, producers, and performers, and it is wonderful to now see that work being acknowledged and rewarded on a national level," LaPrice said.

The "Spirit" award capped an impressive year for the station which was honored with the Abraham & Borst "Best College Station in the Nation" award at the most recent Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference, and moved into an impressive new studio in the University's new Center for Communication and the Arts in the fall. 

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