Gannon University Hosts Successful Inaugural Differentiation Bee

EquationsPosted: February 10, 2015

 In November 65 talented high school mathematicians came to Gannon University for the inaugural Differentiation Bee. The students, formed into 22 teams representing six local schools (Cathedral Prep, Fairview, General McLane, Harbor Creek, Iroquois, and Kennedy Catholic) engaged in a high-level competition to answer challenging calculus problems.

There was more at stake than mere pride. Members of the winning team from Harbor Creek High School each received a $1000 scholarship should they choose to attend Gannon University. The runner-up teams from Iroquois and Fairview also received prizes for the event.

Proving that the math whizzes can be pretty good with words, too, prizes were given to the team with the most creative name. A team from Harbor Creek, the Riemann Chums (a pun on the Riemann sums used in calculus), won that one. 

This year's Differentiation Bee was a response to the successful Integration Bee that was created by Gannon mathematics professor David Prier, Ph.D. held last year. Differential calculus is one of the two traditional divisions of calculus  (integral calculus is the other).

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