Erie Chamber Orchestra Receives Grant from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority

Posted: September 11, 2014

The Erie Chamber Orchestra received an $11,550 Community Assets Grant from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority. The grant will be used to fund events in the Chamber Orchestra's 2014-15 season, including concerts, the new Joe Luckey Recital series and the extensive outreach efforts conducted by the ECO in schools and community centers in Erie and the surrounding area.

This is the third consecutive cycle in which the orchestra has been awarded a grant.

Community Assets Grants are targeted to organizations that increase tourism, enhance places and develop culture. By doing so, they improve Erie's chances of attracting and retaining skilled workers and innovative and invested employers.

"I'd like to thank the Authority and its board for the confidence they have shown in the orchestra and its efforts in the community," said Steve Weiser, the orchestra's executive director. "Community support enabled us to reach more than 17,000 persons in Erie County last year, and we've set our target even higher for this season, which is the most ambitious in the orchestra's history."

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