Gannon University Announces New Masters Program

Posted: November 3, 2014

Gannon University has added a new Master of Arts program in Health Communication to begin in fall 2015.

The new program is a response to the dynamic nature of the U.S. healthcare sector, which now employs about one in eight Americans, and the need for qualified professionals to articulate the changes that are sweeping through that sector almost daily.

Students in the 30-credit program will be given a theoretical foundation with a focus on the public sphere and advanced healthcare topics in preparation for careers in professional communication settings, such as community-based agencies, hospitals, nonprofit organizations and government. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates job growth in health communications of 21 percent in the next eight years.

The program is the first addition to the newly created School of Communication and the Arts, in which students engage in comprehensive, multidisciplinary education in human communication studies, media production, advertising, journalism and the performing arts with the goal of becoming accomplished communicators able to succeed in a variety of professions.

"The Master of Arts in Health Communication builds on two of Gannon's strengths, combining the School of Communication and the Arts with Gannon's respected health professions programs," said A.J. Miceli, director of the School of Communication and the Arts. "We expect the demand for health communicators to grow among social agencies, health organizations and government agencies as the population ages, and as health issues dominate public discourse."

For more information, contact Gannon University Graduate Admissions. 

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