Gannon University Signs Agreement with New Medical School

Posted: October 14, 2014

Officials from one of the Western Hemisphere's newest medical schools were in Erie to sign an agreement with Gannon University.

That school, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) is located in Basseterre, on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts. It was founded in 2007 and graduated its first class of M.D.s in 2012.

Under the agreement, Gannon University students may be able to earn a bachelor's degree from Gannon and an M.D. degree in a total of seven years from UMHS. Students will be admitted to Gannon University as 3+4 UMHS majors, where the first three years are spent at Gannon and, if the students qualify, the final four years are spent at UMHS.

The new 3+4 program is not a guaranteed seat programs where students are admitted to Gannon University with a seat in medical school reserved for them. It is a conditionally guaranteed interview program whereby Gannon students who take all the courses in the program and maintain qualifying grades will be guaranteed an interview at UMHS.

"If you are a student in the Ross programs and you keep your grades up and take all the courses in the program, you are guaranteed an interview, and that's a significant advantage, even without a guaranteed seat," said Lisa Nogaj, Ph.D., director of pre-professional programs at Gannon University. "You have the opportunity to study in a beautiful place that you may never get to live in again. It's global citizenship and a unique cultural immersion experience."

Gannon University signed similar agreements in 2005 with the other two schools founded by Dr. Robert Ross, the Ross University Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine respectively, located in the Caribbean island nations of St. Kitts, Nevis and Dominica.

According to Nogaj, UMHS is similar to Ross University in Dominica, with which it is affiliated. "The UMHS campus on St. Kitts is a bit smaller than the Ross Medical campus on Dominica, and the UMHS facilities are a little newer," she said. 

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