Gannon University Forensic Investigation Center Holds Open House for Law Enforcement Tonight

Posted: October 9, 2014

When Gannon University's new Forensic Investigation Center (FIC) opened in the spring, it heralded a new way of learning for students studying criminal justice and other related courses. Now, that spirit of innovation is being extended to regional law enforcement personnel at an open house, tonight, October 9.

In the renovated house on West Sixth Street, the law enforcement professionals will use an advanced firearms training simulator that uses an interactive screen with computer software that presents shoot/don't shoot scenarios to hone judgment, accuracy and timing.

The second-floor houses a forensic laboratory with comparison microscopes for the analysis of fibers, firearms examination, fingerprints and questioned document examination modeled on the FBI laboratory in Washington.

On the building's third floor, simulated crimes are staged in a mock family room and bedrooms complete with evidence being placed for collection. Strategically placed cameras throughout the third floor will film these simulations for viewing and discussion in a first-floor classroom. 

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