Student-Produced Publications Win Awards

TOTEM_2013Posted: May 16, 2014

Two of Gannon University's student publications, Totem and The Gannon Knight, were recently honored with national awards.

Totem, Gannon's literary arts magazine, was given the 2014 National Program Directors' Prize in the Design Category from the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP). This is the second consecutive year the magazine has received this honor.

The juror for the competition, George Mason University graphic design professor Maureen Lauran, said of Totem, "It is an outstanding example of meaningful, consistent, and appropriate use of typography. Readability and clarity were never sacrificed to design, and the overall design aesthetic of the journal was suitable to the subjects.
With the unique manner chosen to separate and index the parts of the journal, that is-prose, art, poetry, the topics were available singularly and still remained a part of the whole."

According to Berwyn Moore, an English professor at Gannon and adviser to Totem, the AWP chooses only two undergraduate literary magazines in the U.S. for awards: one for content and one for design. "To win this prize is very prestigious," Moore said. "[And] is a true testament to the quality of Totem."

Earlier this year Totem received a First Place with Special Merit award from the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA), a Gold ADDY award for design in the category of collateral material-publication design-book design from the Erie Advertising Club, the northwestern Pennsylvania affiliate of the American Advertising Federation. This was the second consecutive year that Totem was so honored. At the same competition, Gannon Press won a Sliver Addy in the printing excellence category for Totem.

Gannon's student-produced weekly newspaper, The Gannon Knight, was awarded First Place with Special Merit in the American Scholastic Press Association's 2013-2014 annual Newspaper Review and Contest. The Knight scored more than 950 points and was cited as an outstanding overall example of a scholastic publication in format, content and presentation.

Frank Garland, instructor at the School of Communication and The Arts and adviser to the Knight, said that he's "happy for the staff because it's nice to be recognized for hard work and putting out a newspaper is hard work."

The Knight, can be read online here

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