Gannon University Welcomes Nearly 300 Wilson Middle School Students to Campus

Posted: May 13, 2014

Nearly 300 eighth-grade students from Erie's Woodrow Wilson middle school will converge on Gannon University this week for an immersion in college life.

The students will tour the Patient Simulation Center at Gannon's Morosky College of Health Sciences and Professions, witness a demonstration in a science lab and participate in a discussion with several Gannon student-athletes.

The three-day event is part of an annual series of college visits by students in the Erie City School District as part of an initiative undertaken by College For Every Student (CFES), a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping underserved students prepare for, gain access to and succeed in college.

Data collected by CFES show that underserved students who get early exposure to colleges and universities have a greater chance of college attendance than do their peers who do not receive such exposure.

The event is part of a series of CFES activities at which Gannon University participates year-round. In January, Gannon was represented at the "The College/Career Connect" forum for Erie County teachers. Gannon sponsored a "Mechanical Engineering Day" in March through CFES and two weeks ago hosted a scholar mentoring summit.

"Events such as this one are consistent with the educational goals of Gannon's Erie-GAINS (Erie-Gannon Alliances to Improve Neighborhood Sustainability), among which are increasing college enrollment among students from Erie's Public Schools and increasing literacy," said Erika Ramalho, director of community and government relations. "These students will have the opportunity to ask questions and to have hands-on experiences in a university setting, to understand that a college education is within their reach." 

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