Erie-GAINS Celebrates Community Partners

Posted: January 30, 2014Gannon University's Erie-GAINS program recently held a celebration for our community partners, in collaboration with the Center for Social Concerns and Service-Learning, in the Yehl Ballroom. The purpose of this event was to thank community partners for their support and collaboration and reflect on the year together.

Over 100 agencies were represented that evening causing an energetic and positive atmosphere. The community provided feedback of Gannon's past community engagement and potential opportunities to collaboratively support the community.  Responses will be used as the University continues its strategic initiatives between the University, government agencies, community organizations and businesses to stimulate positive change and improve the sustainability and viability of downtown Erie and the neighborhood surrounding campus.

Gannon is proud to put our partners' thoughts into action while continuing its mission dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. A video highlighting the University's community engagement efforts can be found on the Erie-GAINS website.

Gannon University Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK)

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