Student Art Magazine Honored

Student Art Magazine HonoredPosted: September 30, 2011

Gannon University’s literary art magazine, Totem, recently was honored by the American Scholastic Press Association.

Totem was chosen for a First Place with Special Merit Award in the ASPA’s annual magazine competition and received the association’s award for Most Outstanding College Literary Art Magazine for 2011. This is the 16th consecutive year Totem has earned a first-place award in the competition.

“This particular issue has an innovative design in that it has three separate books, one for poetry, one for prose and one for art,” said Berwyn Moore, associate professor of English at Gannon and advisor to the publication.

Said Tomee Barnes, a Gannon student who served as the editor, “Every year our contributors push their artistic talents to the limit so as to develop truly innovative pieces. This year, we risked changing the award-winning format so that the design would be just as groundbreaking as the content.”

In order to receive the First Place with Special Merit designation, publications had to score at least 900 out of a possible 1,000 points and, in the opinion of the reviewer, represent an “outstanding overall example of a scholastic publication in format, content and presentation.”

Totem received 960 points and had perfect scores in organization and presentation. Entries also were evaluated on content coverage, design and creativity.

Totem is a student-produced compilation of poetry, short stories, prose, artwork and photography by Gannon University students as well as faculty and staff. It competed against publications from other schools nationally.

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