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Richard W. Moodey

Assistant Professor, Sociology Program
Chairperson, Criminal Justice Program
Phone: 814-871-5334
Office: PC 1223

  • Biography
  • Courses Taught
  • Educational History
  • Professional Societies
  • Publications


My first teaching experience was in Nepal, at Godavari School, about eight miles outside of Kathmandu.  After spending two years teaching geography there, I moved to Chicago, and taught sociology at Loyola of Chicago.  Next, I moved to Meadville, where I taught sociology and anthropology, and served as the chair of the sociology and anthropology department.  Finally, I came to Erie, and Gannon, where I have been teaching sociology and anthropology for over a decade.  I have always loved sports, both as participant and spectator, and love to draw and paint.  At Gannon, my interest in anthropology led me to go with Professor Suzanne Richard on two archaeological digs, as the dig artist.  These expeditions are to Jordan, to Dr. Richard's dig at Khirbat Iskander. 

Courses Taught

  • Basic Sociology (Sociology 110)
  • Individual, Culture, and Society (Sociology 120)
  • Cultural Anthropology (Sociology 292)
  • Research Methods (Sociology 352; Criminal Justice 250; Organization Learning and Leadership 822 & 823)
  • Criminological Theory (Criminal Justice 240)
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Adolescent Development (Criminal Justice 230)
  • Archaeology Methods and Lab (Archaeology 202, team taught with Dr. Suzanne Richard)

Educational History

  • Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, Bachelor of Literature, 1957
  • Loyola University, Chicago, Licentiate in Philosophy, June, 1960; M.A. in  Sociology, Thesis: "A Heuristic Structure for the Study of Sociocultural Integration," 1961
  • University of Chicago, Ph.D. Thesis: "Masculinity and Femininity in India and the United States," 1971 

Professional Societies

  • American Sociological Association (past editor of the newletter, "Perspectives")
  • Pennsylvania Sociological Society (past president)
  • The Polanyi Society


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