Adriane K. MacPhedran

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy Program
Phone: 814-871-5629
Office: M 145

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Though some might dare think to say, "Yo, Adrian!" if you want my attention, I answer to my middle name, Kate.  As a two-time graduate of Gannon University, it seemed only natural to return to GU as I first did back in 2007, as adjunct faculty in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program, where I co-taught a three-month long cardiopulmonary course.  I recently transitioned from adjunct to full time faculty at Gannon in January, 2012.   I am a physical therapist with 23 years of clinical experience. In 2008, I obtained my board certification in cardiovascular and pulmonary clinical specialty (CCS), one of only 155 in the nation, and single-handedly my proudest accomplishment in my professional career!  Prior to academia, I had been working full time for the past 14 years in a 465-bed hospital doing acute care physical therapy.  I primarily treated status-post open heart patients and not surprisingly, this population had been my area of research for the last 2 1/2 years.  

Outside of Gannon work, I empathize with our students as I am also a full-time student pursuing my PhD at Western Michigan University and commuting monthly 5 1/2 hours the past 2 1/2 years with a light at the end of the tunnel slowly getting brighter.  I hope to seek doctoral candidacy by the end of this year and defend next summer...and hopefully my doctoral committee will see it the same way!  I have stayed sane throughout this entire process with the support of colleagues, friends and family, most importantly my wonderful and creative son, Alex, a sophomore at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL, and my ever-supportive mom and her husband Rob.  The rare moments of down time I have, I take joy in playing piano, fly-fishing with my fella, or playing with my 3 grandkids, Bella, Iris, and Eli (from my step-daughter, Emily). 

Courses Taught

  • GDPT 821 Examination, Evaluation, & Intervention for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Dysfunction I (Course Instructor)
  • GDPT 823 Examination, Evaluation, & Intervention for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Dysfunction II (Course Coordinator)
  • GDPT 873 Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention for Integumentary and Multi-System Movement Dysfunction (Course Coordinator)
  • GDPT 867 Clinical Synthesis II (Course Instructor)
  • GDPT 844 Research Application: Evidence Based Practice 2 (Content Advisor)
  • GDPT 851 Research Application: Evidence Based Practice 3 (Content Advisor)
  • GDPT 831 Foundations in Geriatrics (Lecturer)
  • GDPT 890 Introduction to Pharmacology (Course Facilitator)

Educational History

  • Western Michigan University College of Health and Human Services, Kalamazoo, MI, July 2010 to present, currently enrolled in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences PhD Program.  Dissertation Title: Is Preoperative Functional Status a Predictor of Postoperative Mortality, Morbidity and Quality of Life in Open Heart Patients? 
  • Gannon University, Erie, PA, Master of Physical Therapy, May, 1997
  • Gannon University, Erie, PA, Biology, B. S., May, 1995
  • Mount Vernon Nazarene College, Mount Vernon, OH, 1991 to 1992, undergraduate studies



Professional Societies

  • American Physical Therapy Association member, 2007- present
    Cardiopulmonary Section member, 2007- present
  • Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association member, 2007- present
  • Americal Board of Physical Therapy Specialties member, 2008 - present


  • MacPhedran AK, Marbey M, Barker D, Fogarty K. Is Preoperative Functional Status a Predictor of Postoperative Mortality, Morbidity and Quality of Life in Open Heart Patients? (Title of dissertation paper currently in progress, Western Michigan University)


  • MacPhedran AK. Change in Functional Status from Preoperative to One Year Postoperative in Patients Who Have Undergone Elective Open Heart Surgery: A Repeated-Measures Study. Platform presentation at PPTA conference 10/27/2012 Lancaster, PA;  Poster accepted at APTA conference 1/22/2013  San Diego, CA (part of my dissertation research, Western Michigan University)


  • Reynolds AK, Marshall D, Albert S, Monus S, Parker A. Quality of Life Perceived by Patients Before and After Undergoing Elective Open Heart Surgery.  April 2010 - May 2011. (Collaborative research with Gannon University and Saint Vincent Health Center, preliminary data,  not published)


  • Curtis A, Froeschke L, Reynolds AK, Schuck L. Perception of Meningococcal Meningitis: Does Vaccination Mandate Make a Difference?   February – June, 2011.  (Collaborative research with Western Michigan University and Edinboro University; Platform presentation at Western Michigan University, July, 2011; Findings disseminated to Edinboro University, August, 2011)



  • Member of Faculty Development Committee (fall 2012-2015 term)
  • Platform presentation judge for Celebrate Gannon, 2012
  • Volunteer worker at Habitat for Humanity site (November, 2012)
  • Active member-Mikveh Israel Congregation