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📷 Morosky Academic Center

Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

  • Goal 1: Students will graduate with entry-level competencies.

    1.  Students will apply positioning skills to achieve diagnostic images.

    2.  Students will apply exposure factor skills to achieve diagnostic images.

    3.  Students will apply age-appropriate quality patient care.

    Goal 2: Students will develop critical thinking skills.

    1.  Students will evaluate images for diagnostic quality.

    2.  Students will modify positions to meet the patient's needs.

    3.  Students will successfully complete multi-case competencies.

    Goal 3: Students will demonstrate professional behaviors as part of a healthcare team.

    1.  Students will demonstrate behaviors that promote teamwork.

    2.  Students will demonstrate professional ethics.

    Goal 4: Students will develop effective communication skills.

    1.  Students will demonstrate effective oral communication with patients.

    2.  Students will demonstrate effective oral communication with staff and other students.

    3.  Students will demonstrate effective written communication.