Department News

  • October 2014 

    October is National Physical Therapy Month!  The DPT Program is celebrating with a variety of activities.  The DPT students started the month off with festivities at “The Knight Club” and invited other health professions students to view “The Crash Reel” which highlights the traumatic brain injury of a professional snowboarder and his battle to recover.  The 2nd Annual PT Olympics competition is scheduled in the newly renovated Recreation and Wellness Center.  Fundraising is being done throughout the month for a young individual being serviced by L’Arche.

    The DPT faculty and students/alumni will be making Gannon University proud at the 2014 PPTA Annual Conference with the following presentations and awards:  

    PPTA Service Award: Dr. Pamela J. Reynolds, PT, EdD will receive the Service Award from the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association (PPTA) on November 1, 2014, at their annual meeting and conference in Lancaster, PA.. The award is reflective of her service to the PPTA. Pam has been serving as treasurer of the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Political Action Committee since 2006. She served on the PPTA Board of Directors from 2003 through 2009 from the Northwest District. She also served as a delegate to American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) House of Delegates in 1999, 2000, 2006 and 2008.

    Platform Presentations:

    • Bitticker S. Reporting Professional Misconduct in Physical Therapy:  A Survey and Grounded Theory Study.  
    • Legters K, Carlin A, Gehrlein K, Paugh E, Thompson T. Fear Of Falling Questionnaire (FOFQ) for Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Pilot Study.   
    • Legters K, Hartmann J. Implementation of Annual Physical Therapy Evaluation Program in University Community. 
    • MacPhedran AK, Holbrook S, Nesbit E, Nielsen A, Abdollmohammadi R, Mason G. Predicting Discharge Destination Following Hip Fracture Using the Cumulated Ambulation Score

    Poster Presentations:

    • Basescu R, Rapp B, Skelly D, Verne T. Students and Faculty Response to Availability of Standing Desks in College Classrooms: A Qualitative Study
    • Bourgeois K, Hauck D, Klemencic H, Podrasky J, Snarski K. The Effect of a Structured Gross Motor Program on the Cognitive Skills of Children aged 14-32 Months. 
    • Therasse J, Percy T, Gustafson B. Work Hardening for 61 Year Old Male Following a Left Medullary Infarct  

    Summer 2014 

    Each week of this summer has been busy! First, congratulations to those in the Class of 2014 who successfully passed the National Physical Therapy Examination and are able to join the work force as licensed physical therapists! Likewise, congratulations to each of the members of the Class of 2015 and 2016 for the successful completion of their clinical experiences. 

    The DPT faculty have been engaged in several summer projects, including our annual review of the curriculum, planning for revisions to the evidence based practice content in the curriculum, preparing for the opening of the Human Performance Laboratory in the newly renovated Recreation and Wellness Center, and making the transition to Blackboard learning management system. 

     We also are ready to welcome 50 new DPT students as the Class of 2017! Orientation for them begins on August 25 and 26! We are excited to begin this journey with a new class!