Department News

  •  May 2014

    Congratulations are extended to Dr. Carolyn Galleher who has received tenure at the university by rigorous review through the Rank and Tenure procedures.  She has demonstrated long term commitment to Gannon University through her excellence in teaching and service and her ongoing scholarship.


    The Class of 2015 is fully engaged in their clinical experiences  for Clinical Practicum II.  They are in a variety of settings at this time, including long term acute care, acute care, skilled nursing, and acute rehabilitation.  The faculty are busy completing site visits with the students!


     The Class of 2016 recently completed a new initiative of the DPT program with the offering of an Annual PT Examination Program for the employees and their family members.  This program was incorporated into the Foundations in Geriatrics course.  Clients completed standardized assessments, their data was compared to age-normed data, and they were provided a "Report Card" of their performance.  Overall feedback from the students and employees was positive about the benefits of this experience!

    April 2014

    Congratulations to the student research groups who had abstracts accepted and provided poster presentations for “Celebrate Gannon”:  

    • Fear of Falling Questionnaire (FOFQ) for Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Pilot Study completed by Andrew Carlin, Kristen Gehrlein, Eric Paugh, and Tiffany Thompson. Dr. Kristine Legters was the faculty mentor. 
    •  Students and Faculty Response to Availability of Standing Desks in College Classrooms: A Qualitative Study by Bradley Rapp, SPT, Ryan Basescu, SPT, and Thomas Verne, SPT. Donna Skelly, PT, MS, OCS was the faculty mentor. 
    •  Assessment of Plagiocephaly in Infants: A Clinical Innovation.  Mary Jean Taylor PT MA PCS was the faculty mentor of this study with Heather Burnside DPT, Megan Johnston DPT, Regina Cowell SPT, Matthew Galbo SPT, and Jeana Smith SPT. 
    •  Health Illiteracy: Examining Discrepancies in Body Mass Index (BMI) and Perceptions of Body Morphology in Female Adolescents.  Mary Jean Taylor PT, MA, PCS, was the faculty mentor for this study with Michelle Adams SPT, Tory Darling SPT, and Kylee Gnesda SPT. 
    •  Survey of Entry Level DPT Programs to Determine Integration of Home Evaluation/Management into the Core Curriculum.  Dr. Julie Hartmann PT, was the faculty mentor of this study with Peter Louies SPT and Tyler Obenrader SPT. 
    •  Biomechanical and Knowledge-related Effects of Interventions to Reduce Risk for ACL Tear in Female Athletes was completed by Jamie Schroter, Lindsey Meyer, Amanda Till, and Jessica Ellebruch.  Dr. Steve Bitticker was the faculty mentor for this study. 

    Extra special congratulations to Heather Burnside, Megan Johnston, Regina Cowell, Matthew Galbo, and Jeana Smith for winning the Graduate Research Award for the best poster presentation!!