New Student Programs

  • The Office of New Student Programs exists primarily to serve new students in their adjustment needs and in their development as successful students. Recognizing that new students undergo a unique period of transition, this office seeks to facilitate their entry into the first year experience through supportive programs and services that provide opportunity for successful academic and personal adjustment to the University.

    The Office of New Student Programs is committed to creating a favorable climate necessary for each student to formulate and achieve personal and academic goals, to realize aspirations, and to actualize his/her capabilities.  Below, are a few of the services and programs offered to new students.

  • First-Year Experience

    Gannon University recognizes the importance of connecting all students to the University community during the first year and to laying the developmental foundation for their success both in and out of the classroom. Student success depends upon their effective use of available services when needed and meaningful engagement in the life of the University. First-year students who are constructively engaged will have a holistically rewarding experience at the University.

    First-Year Experience at Gannon University is a key resource for first-year students. The First-Year Experience works in cooperation with various University divisions to ensure that first-year students experience the challenges, opportunities, and support needed to succeed at Gannon. These programs engage students in intellectual, social, and cultural dimensions of learning while challenging them to develop the skills and sense of responsibility needed to be successful as a college student and citizen. The First-Year Experience includes New Student Orientation, Welcome Mass, Convocation, Preview GU, LIFECORE, Fall Advisor Meeting/Four Week Grades, First-Year Seminars, Learning Communities, and the Student Success Center and much more.

    New Student Orientation Programs

    The Office of New Student Programs provides several orientation programs to assist new students and parents with their adjustments to the University. Four sessions are offered during the summer months for undergraduate students who will be starting classes in the fall semester. A special transfer student orientation program also takes place during the summer. For students who will begin classes in the spring term there is a Spring Welcome/Orientation event in January.

    Freshman Four Week Grades

    All freshmen receive a grade report at the end of four weeks. A copy is also sent to each student’s advisor for his/her reference. These grades will either reinforce successful strategies or serve as an early warning system for difficulties needing immediate attention. Support services are available through our Student Success Center.

    Freshman Fall Advisor Session

    Several weeks into the Fall semester, this office coordinates a meeting between students and their academic advisors. At this time, following the initial advisor meeting held during Preview GU, advisors reintroduce themselves to their advisees, remind students of their office hours, and distribute the four week freshman grades. At this meeting, advisors will also describe support services available, review academic procedures, and answer any specific questions students may have.

    Grade Follow Along Program

    The Office of New Student Programs examines the four week grades of each freshman and identifies those who appear to be experiencing academic difficulty. Students are contacted by a member of the Academic Progress Committee and offered assistance. The committee includes members from the following offices: New Student Services, Student Success Center, Student Living, Commuter Life and the Advising Center.

    Registration Follow Up

    This office contacts all freshmen and upperclassmen who did not register for the next semester to serve as a contact for questions, problems and referrals.

    Student Adjustment Questionnaire

    A letter is sent to parents of all freshmen prior to midterm break encouraging parental support and interaction. A student adjustment questionnaire is included to aid parents in their dialogue with students. The conversation that takes place between students and parents will help verbalize how the student’s transition to college is going.
  • New Student Programs

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