• Preview GU begins Friday, August 16, 2019 and is the official start to your Gannon experience!  This 5-day welcome week is designed to help you settle into campus, connect with your community, and find programs you want to engage in.

    Preview GU is designed to be common, yet customizable.  You will have your choice of programs and events throughout the week. 

    This also includes Find Your FYT, a 2-day immersive experience where students choose an interest topic and spend time learning about Gannon through that theme.  Each FYT group will have a Transition Guide and faculty or staff facilitator to guide you through life as a student through the lens of your theme.  FYT themes and descriptions are below.

    Preview GU is required for all incoming students.  All new students are expected to be fully present starting Friday, August 16 at 3pm.

    FYT Themes

    FYT stands for "First-Year Team" and is a program designed to introduce first-year students to Student Development and Engagement's small-group engagement model.  The program recognizes students' desire to build connection and find a sense of belonging among their peers.

    Theme Description
    1. Active Lifestyle Working out, eating healthy, and exploring new ways to stay fit
    2. Animal Lovers Volunteering at local shelters, visiting the zoo, organizing therapy animal events
    3. Arts & Crafts Painting, sketching, scrapbooking, and pottery
    4. Beauty Gurus Exploring makeup tutorials, fashion, and spa techniques
    5. Bookworms Exploring a variety of fiction and non-fiction short-stories and novels through discussion and reflection
    6. Born in the Wrong Decade Exploring U.S. popular culture from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s
    7. Coffee Lovers Exploring different coffee houses, learning about coffee production from start to finish
    8. Comedy Club Refining your comedy skills through coaching, practicing and networking with other comedians
    9. Competitive Fitness Body building, CrossFit, and more
    10. Creative Writing Exploring your personal story through writing and storytelling
    11. Culinary Club Learning to cook using a variety of foods and techniques
    12. Exploring Erie Sightseeing, learning about the city, and realizing everything Erie has to offer
    13. Faith & Spirituality Getting in touch with your higher calling/belief system and exploring the Interfaith cooperation
    14. Fine Arts Art, dance, and theater
    15. Fishing Traveling to local lakes and rivers for small-group fishing experience
    16. Foodies Sampling all the delicious foods local Erie has to offer
    17. Gaming (digital) Engaging in a variety of e-sports
    18. Gaming (board) Challenging your peers' strategies as you engage in traditional board games
    19. History Buffs Learning about U.S. and World History through a variety of field excursions and local speakers
    20. Meditation & Mindfulness Focusing on being present in the moment and bringing ordinary moments to life
    21. Movie Junkies Watching the newest blockbusters and cult classics
    22. Music (for musicians) Jamming together, sharing music, studio time
    23. Music (for listening & appreciation) Sharing your appreciation for the music that's carried you through your journey
    24. Nature Finding peace and inspiration in nature through a variety of hikes, hands-on learning experiences, and fellowship
    25. Nutrition & Healthy Eating Learning about food's impact on your on your overall well-being through shopping, cooking and creating original recipes
    26. Outdoor Adventure Hiking, kayaking, and ropes course
    27. Photojournalists Refining your ability to use still and live photos to communicate a memorable message
    28. Poetry Reflecting on a variety of poems and composing original works based on personal inspiration
    29. Politics Analyzing and discussing current U.S. and global events
    30. Rock-climbing Learning to belay, boulder, and top-rope
    31. Sailing Collaborating with your peers to sail around Lake Erie and explore Erie from a different viewpoint
    32. Skaters Longboarding, skateboarding and rollerblading - all are welcome!
    33. Sports Fanatics Playing and watching a variety of popular sports, including: baseball, football, soccer, basketball
    34. Techies (drones, robots, 3-D printing) Maximizing your skills to build drones, robots and other machines
    35. Thrift Shopping Owning your personal style while finding the best deals
    36. Thrill Seekers Amusement parks, sky-diving
    37. Traveler not a Tourist Learning how to navigate new places while understanding the culture
    38. Serving Our Neighbors Serving in Our West Bayfront community

    Students at Preview GU

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