Administrative Specialization

  • Tailor Your Degree to Specialization in Administration

    The online MPA with a specialization in administration further develops your ability to assess scenarios and make informed decisions within the private, public and non-profit sector. You will explore financial and accounting concepts, strategic marketing and the role both play within an administrative capacity. Leadership and managerial skills are also emphasized to ensure that you are well equipped to lead a team toward a common goal or initiative.

    Online MPA Administrative Specialization: Courses

    In addition to the online MPA core curriculum, successful completion of four of the following six courses is needed to specialize in administration. You are able to select the path that best aligns with your professional interests and long-term career goals.

    GMPA 511 Administrative Decision Making Skills 
    Total credits: 

    A study of the technical aspects of the administrative decision-making process, this course will teach you how to use accounting and financial information to support administrative decisions. Also included is an overview of budgeting and marketing concepts as they relate to the offering of public services.
    Prerequisite: None

    GMBA 501 Financial Accounting
    Total credits:  3

    This course is a study of basic accounting concepts, techniques, and systems with a focus on reporting, analysis and interpretation of accounting data used for decision making.
    Prerequisite: None

    Selection of one of the two courses: GMBA 561 or GMBA 601

    GMBA 561 Fundamentals of Financial Management 
    Total credits:  3

    This course is a survey of financial decision making, using ratio analysis, the time value of money, the cost of capital and capital budgeting concepts. Considerable time is spent outlining the environmental (macro-finance) factors that affect financial decisions.
    Prerequisite: GMBA 501

    GMBA 601 Managerial Accounting 
    Total credits:  3

    In this course you will study the accounting information that's utilized in the control and evaluation of managerial decision making. The course focuses on cost accumulation, cost allocation and control. Critical attention is placed upon budgeting, cost-volume-profit relationships and variance analysis as they relate to production, working capital management and marketing decisions.
    Prerequisite: GMBA 501

    Selection of one of the two courses: GMBA 651 or GMPA 763

    GMBA 651 Strategic Marketing Management 
    Total credits:  3

    This course is an examination of the marketing system and the use of various marketing applications such as marketing research, advertising research and consumer behavior, and how each is used to assist the marketing manager in the major decision areas of targeting, product planning, channels of distribution, personal selling, pricing, promotion, branding and the development of integrated marketing programs.
    Prerequisite: GMBA 531

    GMPA 763 Leadership and Environments of Administration
    Total credits:  3

    Administration, whether it is in the public, private or non-profit sector, is strongly influenced by various contexts internal and external to the bureaucracy. The major contexts are: cultural, economic, political, governmental, legal and administrative. This course will survey each in an effort to understand its role and, through seminar deliberations, formulate strategies for better performing leadership and managerial roles within large, modern complex organizations.
    Prerequisite: None

    Online MPA Administrative Specialization: Career Outlook

    Paired with a public administration online master's degree, exceptional administrative skills are highly desirable among hiring managers within a variety of industries. These skills are standout qualities that recruiters look for when seeking to fill high-level managerial positions within the private, public and non-profit sector. Below are just a few career paths that MPA graduates with a specialization in administration would be uniquely qualified for:

    • Administrator
    • City manager
    • Data manager
    • Policy advisor
    • Policy analyst
    • Social service provider or administrator
    • Director
    • Nonprofit manager

    New jobs are constantly being introduced. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates higher-than-average job growth for data managers, 27,700 new jobs for social and community services managers between 2012-2022, and the median annual salary for city managers in 2012 was $65,230.

    Online MPA Administrative Specialization: Program Outcomes

    Once you have completed the four courses within the online MPA administration specialization, you will have the confidence, knowledge and skills required to:

    • Manage public administration resources effectively.
    • Develop solutions based on citizen involvement, informed decision-making and leadership.
    • Apply professional ethics and integrity to any public or private setting.
    • Implement equitable solutions for diverse populations in the community served.
    • Communicate effectively across the public administration discipline.