• Gain an Advanced Knowledge in What Makes Marketing Work

    The online MBA in marketing specialization introduces you to the concepts of market research, consumer behavior and market trends. You will learn how to properly leverage each of those elements to craft a strategic and sound marketing plan — an essential roadmap that helps organizations develop and maintain a competitive advantage. You’ll learn about marketing strategies and how to craft messaging that aligns with current business goals, as well as identify target markets.

    Online MBA in Marketing: Courses

    In addition to the online MBA core curriculum, successful completion of the following three courses is needed to specialize in marketing. Courses in the MBA marketing specialization focus on consumer behavior and how you can use that in tandem with quantitative data and research to ensure that your company has a competitive advantage within the market.

    GMBA 752 Consumer Behavior 
    Total credits: 

    In this course, you will examine the social and psychological influences on individual, household, and organizational buying behavior, as well as explore models of buyer behavior and consumer research by applying them to the marketing decision-making processes.
    Prerequisite: GMBA 651

    GMBA 753 Marketing Research
    Total credits:  3

    This course acquaints you to the field of marketing research by combining both a practical and theoretical approach to the research process. The course will examine the process of defining marketing problems and issues, developing a research design, generating primary data, examining secondary data, formulating recommendations, preparing a research report and presentation and implementing research results. The course includes the design of a marketing research study.
    Prerequisite: GMBA 525 and GMBA 651

    GMBA 754 International Marketing 
    Total credits:  3

    This course centers around international marketing concepts and practices, with a focus on the current problems and issues of international firms. International marketing strategies, policies and structures are also evaluated.
    Prerequisite: GMBA 651

    Online MBA in Marketing: Career Outlook

    Marketing is essential to business success and demand for leaders who excel in this area is high. Jobs in marketing are projected to grow by 12 percent between 2012 and 2022. That translates into a creation of 25,400 new jobs for qualified candidates with advanced business credentials. Annual salaries are high - the median annual wage for marketing managers was $119,480, higher than most other management occupations.

    The top 10 percent of marketing managers earn more than $187,200   a year.

    Online MBA Marketing: Program Outcomes

    Once you have completed the three courses within the online MBA marketing specialization, you will have the confidence, knowledge and skills required to:

    • Use analytical and problem-solving skills to make fast-paced decisions.
    • Be knowledgeable about the differences among global economies and cultures, and understand the implications these have on global management.
    • Produce a coherent written statement and oral presentation of the analysis of a complex business issue.
    • Acquire broad-market knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their professional goals.


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