Finance Specialization

  • Learn to Use Financial and Quantitative Data to Drive Business Decisions

    Smart financial leadership and monetary oversight is an essential component to a sustainable business. The online MBA finance specialization expands your knowledge of financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, as well as hones your ability to effectively assess company investments in both the long and short run. These skills can lead to an increase in your company’s valuation and shareholder wealth.

    Online MBA Finance Specialization: Courses

    In addition to the online MBA core curriculum, successful completion of the following three courses is needed to specialize in finance. Courses in this specialization provide you with an in-depth look into core financial principles, ratios and concepts, and how all three are used to influence business strategy and make informed decisions.

    GMBA 761 Advanced Financial Management
    Total credits: 

    In this course you will study advanced topics in finance, such as forecasting, lease and buy considerations, and advanced working capital management.
    Prerequisite: GMBA 661

    GMBA 764 Investments 
    Total credits:  3

    In this course you will learn about financial markets, financial instruments, and focus on the risk and return characteristics of stocks, bonds, options, futures, tax shelters, real estate and precious metals.
    Prerequisite: GMBA 661

    GMBA 767 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 
    Total credits:  3

    In this course you will study security valuation models, discussed in light of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. You will also learn security aggregation techniques that can be used to increase portfolio returns and/or reduce risk.
    Prerequisite: GMBA 661

    Online MBA Finance Specialization: Career Outlook

    With a projected job growth of 9 percent between 2012 and 2022, a pace in line with the national average, career prospects for MBA graduates with strong financial skills are good. The median salary for financial managers in 2012 was $109,740 and 47,100 new jobs are expected by 2022.1

    The top 10 percent of finance managers earn more than $187,200   a year.

    Financial skills span multiple industries, giving you an opportunity to work in a field that aligns with your passion and professional interests. In May 2012, the median annual wages for financial managers in the top five industries in which these managers worked were as follows:

    Professional, scientific, and technical services $130,120
    Management of companies and enterprises $124,840
    Finance and insurance $108,690
    Manufacturing $107,730
    Government $102,270

    Online MBA Finance Specialization: Outcomes

    Once you have completed the three courses within the online MBA finance specialization, you will have the knowledge to make informed financial decisions that can ultimately assist in the overall growth and success of an organization's standard operations.

    Upon completion you will graduate confident in your ability to:

    • Understand complex financial concepts used by corporate executives, senior bankers, financial analysts, asset managers and risk managers.
    • Solve business problems using financial and modeling tools.
    • Analyze the validation for transactions and take part in their execution.
    • Evaluate financial performance and risk of default based on financial reporting.
    • Critically assess the evolution, innovations and regulations of the asset management industry.