• Do I have to Take the GMAT exam for admission to his program?

    A GMAT score is required for candidates who do not have at least a 3.2 undergraduate GPA. If a candidate has a GPA less than 3.2, they may also be offered “Provisional Acceptance.” Provisional Acceptance status is offered at the discretion of the program director to candidates who show academic promise and are seeking professional development but do not meet the minimum program requirements. Provisional students are to complete three provisional courses identified by the director with a minimum of “B” in each course. Candidates can thus be admitted by either earning an acceptable GMAT score or successfully completing the provisional courses as a “Provisional” student with a minimum grade of “B” in each course within the first two consecutive semesters to remain in the program.

    Can I get credit for work experience or previous graduate work?

    Yes, based on an evaluation of your prior academic background. The MBA Foundation courses may be waived through an in-depth evaluation of your academic transcripts or through waiver by proficiency exam. Students who have taken the equivalent courses in the past, and do not meet the requirements through evaluation of their transcript, but feel that they have a strong background in an area which is not reflected on their transcript (i.e. the courses were taken more than 7 years prior to admission or the student did not achieve the appropriate grade) may request challenge exams to demonstrate their proficiency.

    Transfer credits from other institutions are accepted at the discretion of the Program Director. In general, a maximum of six credits many be accepted in transfer for courses in which a student received at least a grade of "B" (3.0).

    How soon can I complete the program?

    You may be able to earn your online MBA in as few as two years.

    Is the MBA program accredited?

    Yes. The Gannon University online MBA offers specializations in marketing, human resource management, and finance, and offers a customized track.

    How does the Customized Track work?

    Students may choose any three electives from the Marketing, Human Resource Management, or Finance specializations so they can customize their studies to their own professional goals.

    What if I don't want to pick a specialization?

    You can choose courses from a list of electives in lieu of a specialization.

    How does online learning work?

    You will have access to an online learning interface with email and discussion boards. Each week you will go online to get your assignment and coursework. When you do so is up to you, but you will be required to complete each week’s assignments by the deadlines set by your instructor. Before classes begin, you will attend an online orientation to introduce you to the online learning system so that you can focus on your education.