Middle Level Education

  • GU Possibilities
    • Scholarship-supported learning abroad opportunities are available with Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland.
    • Education majors can travel to Thailand for summer experiences teaching English to children, facilitating camp programs and learning regional culture.
    • Erie is identified by the U.S. Department of State as a refugee resettlement center. English Language Learner placements are completed at local schools as part of a required ESL course.
    • Activities outside the classroom are planned by the members of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society, Gannon University’s Society for Exceptional Children and the Student Pennsylvania State Education Association.
    • Gannon’s Phi Zeta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society was recognized as one of four recipients of the Community Service Chapter Program Award for its Growing Readers program.
    • The School of Education houses Gannon's Literacy Outreach Program where students work at designated after-school programs in the city to help preK-8 students develop literacy skills. 

    You Will Learn

    Gannon University’s grades 4-8 middle level certification programs lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in one of 13 options, including four dual-certification options with special education preK-8. The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently announced the increased need for special education teachers and English as a Second Language teachers. This need is not exclusive to Pennsylvania but exists throughout the United States.

    The professional education core emphasizes middle level philosophy and effective strategies for teaching young adolescents. The curriculum includes courses designed to provide expertise in one or two content areas as well as knowledge in all four core academic areas and special education.

    Literacy is a key component in all education areas. To enhance literacy instruction for middle level majors two courses are required: MLED 201 Adolescent Literature develops literacy knowledge through designated projects in a school library or middle-level classroom and MLED 301 Literacy Development, Strategies and Assessments apprises teacher candidates of the literacy needs of middle level students.

    You Will Experience

    Middle level majors participate in multiple 30-hour and 60-hour field experiences and a full semester of student teaching, more than 800 hours of field work. Students have the opportunity to experience a variety of four- to eight-content classrooms that allow students to put theory learned in the classroom into action.

    The School of Education places pre-service teachers in public, private and alternative school settings in urban, suburban and rural areas within a 25-mile radius, some of which are in walking distance of campus.

    You Will Achieve

    Graduates are prepared for Pennsylvania Level I teaching certification in middle level education grades 4-8. These Bachelor of Science degrees can lead to a variety of career opportunities such as:  

    • grades 4-6 self-contained classroom teacher  
    • grades 7-8 content-specific classroom teacher  
    • special education teacher  
    • sports coach  
    • zoo or nature center educator  

    With additional training and experience, these degrees can lead to career opportunities such as:

    • autistic support educator  
    • corporate education trainer  
    • English as a Second Language teacher  
    • school counselor  
    • principal or superintendent  
    • reading or math coach  
    • reading specialist  
    • special education supervisor  
    • supervisor of curriculum and instruction  
    • university professor  

    You will Study

    Education majors gain a variety of experiences in public, private and diocesan schools in urban, suburban and rural locations. Further, a number of special education courses allow students opportunities to gain strategies to successfully educate diverse populations. 

    MLED 200 Instructional Design and the Middle Level Classroom/60-Hr. Field Experience

    This course introduces pre-service teachers to creating and managing instruction in the learning environment. They develop standards-based lessons and instruction as part of the scope and sequence of instructional planning. Pre-service teachers are introduced to the approaches for differentiating instruction for adolescents with academic diversity and other special needs. The field experience is completed over 10 weeks.

    Liberal Studies Core

    The Liberal Studies Core Curriculum is one reflection of Gannon University's commitment to its Catholic identity. The Core's design offers students a defined, integrated, shared experience as the foundation for their undergraduate program.

    You Will Earn

    Salaries in the field vary depending on the location and type of organization.

    • Starting salary: $33,300
    • Mid-career salary: $55,200