Program Facts

  • GU Leadership Studies Facts

    • Leadership has evolved into a distinct academic discipline and is no longer merely a supporting field of study.
    • Decades of research on leadership dynamics, such as the leader-follower relationship, and its effects on organizational outcomes, interpersonal effectiveness and community viability, have contributed to the emergence of leadership studies as a discipline of increasing prominence.
    • The Leadership Studies program director is fully credentialed in the field of leadership, while other LEAD faculty hold degrees in related fields and possess varying amounts of relevant professional and post-graduate experience.
    • Because of its interdisciplinary framework, students in the leadership studies program will have the opportunity to pursue a double major option in areas such as: psychology, criminal justice, business and political science.
    • The Leadership Studies program prepares graduates to assume responsibility, take initiative, inspire collaboration and facilitate extraordinary outcomes with others.
    • Graduates of Gannon’s Leadership Studies program will be prepared to advance their careers through academic and professional roles in their organizations, communities and service agencies.
    • Gannon’s urban location provides leadership studies majors the opportunity to gain experience within walking distance of campus in businesses, corporations, health care facilities, non-profit organizations and more.

    Major Facts

    • According to Bureau of Labor Statistics and National Center for Education Statistics data, employment in occupations relevant to leadership studies is expected to grow into 2020.
    • All areas of job growth related to positions in leadership studies identified by a 2010 market analysis report were anticipated to offer entry level positions in high to very high salary quartiles.

    About the Program

    • The leadership studies program consists of an integrative Leadership Core (21 credits) supported by an Interdisciplinary Framework (48 credits) of courses on human behavior, social systems, cultural dimensions, ethics, liberal studies, scientific inquiry, communication skills, organizational contexts and leadership applications. An 18 credit hour minor is required.
    • Courses offered in the leadership studies program provide an integrative conceptual foundation of leadership theory, research and practice to inform students’ understanding of leadership behavior, contexts and applications.
    • The leadership studies program is focused on helping students develop the theoretical expertise, practical knowledge, personal insight and interpersonal awareness required to provide positive, authentic leadership in organizations, professions and communities.