Poetry Contest

  • Gannon Poetry Contest Winners

    Undergraduate Category

    First Place: "Sometimes I Swear You're Older" 
    by Kelsey Ghering 
    Senior, English Major

    Second Place: "Swaying Swings"
    by Alex Stauff 
    Freshman, Physician Assistant Major

    Third Place: "the child in church"
    by Leigh Tischler
    Senior, English Major, History Minor

    Honorable Mention: "Eggplant"
    by Julia Fulton
    Sophomore, English Major

    Honorable Mention: "Canyon"
    by Naseem Hadrab
    Freshman, Healthcare Management Major

    Honorable Mention: "Ink of Diaspora"
    by Malik Hassan
    Junior, Respiratory Therapy Major

    Graduate Category

    First Place: "Wading" 
    by Stephen Craig
    Master of Arts in English

    Honorable Mention: "The House that Grief Built" 
    by Angela Jeffery
    Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    National High School Poetry Contest

    First Place: "Heirloom"
    by Masfi Khan
     Junior, Queens High School for the Sciences at York College  
    Jamaica, New York

    Second Place: "On Long Journeys"
    by Darius Atefat-Peckham
    Sophomore, Huntington High School
    Huntington, West Virginia

    Third Place: "Eulogy for Lady Murasaki"
    by Emma Camp
    Junior, Alabama School of Fine Arts
    Birmingham, Alabama

    Honorable Mention: "After 'VJ Day in Times Square'"
    by Hannah Green
    Senior, Oak Park River Forest High School  
    Oak Park, Illinois

    Honorable Mention: "Jazz in the Park"
    by Chasity Hale
    Senior, Miami Arts Charter School
    Miami, Florida

    Honorable Mention: "A Casket is a Sad Excuse for a Poem"
    by Kara Jackson
    Junior, Oak Park River Forest High School
    Oak Park, Illinois

    Honorable Mention: "Indigo Cotton Sky"
    by Kathleen Kittrell
    Senior , Charleston County School of the Arts
    Charleston, South Carolina

    Journalism Contest


    First Place: "It’s been a good life for me"
    by Kelsey Ghering
    Senior, English Major

    Second Place: "Election day draws closer; students weigh in"
    by Samantha Griswold
    Senior, Journalism Communication Major

    Honorable Mention: "Teen cell phone thief sentenced"
    by Olivia Burger Sophomore
    Pre-Optometry Major


    First Place: "John Coleman: 15 years of service at Gannon"
    by Olivia Burger
    Sophomore, Pre-Optometry Major

    Second Place: "Student walks in D.C. Women’s March"
    by Kate Robb
    Sophomore, English and Spanish Major

    Honorable Mention: "Schuster Gallery features ‘A Homecoming"
    by Olivia Burger
    Sophomore, Pre-Optometry Major


    First Place: "Refugees are people like you"
    by Olivia Burger
    Sophomore, Pre-Optometry Major

    Second Place: "Monuments just faceless names"
    by Kelsey Ghering
    Senior, English Major


    First Place:  The 1975 in concert
    by Olivia Burger
    Sophomore, Pre-Optometry Major

    Second Place:  Thrival Festival
    by Sara Borro
    Senior, English and Secondary Education Major


    First Place: "Jeff Buckley’s legacy continues with ‘You and I’"
    by Kyle Joseph
    Junior, Mechanical Engineering Major

    Second Place (tie): "'La La Land' enchants viewers, critics alike"
    by Olivia Burger
    Sophomore, Pre-Optometry Major

    Second Place (tie): "Beyonce drops new visual album ‘Lemonade’"
    by Kate Robb
    Sophomore, English and Spanish Major


    First Place: "Men’s basketball beats UPJ, falls to Seton Hill"
    by Brandon Jaces
    Junior, Journalism Communication Major

    Second Place: "Big team, big rings"
    by Brandon Jaces
    Junior, Journalism Communication Major

    Peter C. Braeger Awards for Research Writing

    Graduate Category

    First Place: "Understanding the Self-Perceived Occupational Performance of Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries Utilizing the COPM”
    by Selena Hengy
    Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program

    Second Place: "How the Social Cognitive Theory Impacts Teaching Practices and Classroom Environment”
    by Ashley Prischak
    Education Master’s Program

    Third Place: "Lymphovenous Bypass for Breast Cancer-Related Arm ymphedema”
    by Nicole Underwood
    Physician Assistant Program

    Honorable Mention: "Medication Adherence Assessments for Adolescents (ages 7-18): A Systematic Review”
    by Whitney Blankenship
    Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program

    Honorable Mention: "Skin to Skin Contact in Newborns"
    by Nicole Ray
    Physician Assistant Program

    Undergraduate Category

    First Place: "So It Went: Trauma in Slaughterhouse-Five and a Young Writer’s Attempt to Emulate Her Idol”
    by Leigh Tischler
    Senior , English Major/History Minor

    Second Place: "Clinical Presentation and Treatment of Multiple Myeloma”
    by Allie Hepner
    Junior , Physician Assistant Major

    Third Place (tie): "Locomotive Underactuated Implement Guided Via Elastic Elements (L.U.I.G.E.E): Motors Placing and Elastomeric Springs”
    by Christian Fry
    Senior , Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering Major

    Third Place (tie): "An Overview of Narcissistic Manipulation and the Five Factor Model"
    by Anna Smeltzer
    Senior , Psychology Major

    Honorable Mention: "Spinocerebellar Ataxia 3: Analysis of RNAi Efficacy on ATXN3 in Treating Machado-Joseph Disease”
    by Gabrielle Acosta
    Senior , Pre-Vet/Biology Major
    and Sourabh Goyal
    Senior , Biology Major

    Freshman Category

    First Place (tie): "The Regulation of Artificial Food Dyes”
    by Theresa Caulfield
    Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Major

    First Place (tie): "Voluntourism: An Exploration into Service Abroad”
    by Melia Gasbarre
    Sophomore, Physician Assistant Major

    Second Place: “Organ Donation and Organ Transplantation”
    by Abigail Printz
    Sophomore, Physician Assistant Major

    Third Place: “The Sour Truth of U.S. Sugar Tariffs”
    by Emma Maxted
    Sophomore, Accounting/Management Major