School of Education

  • Undergraduate Education

    Gannon’s undergraduate education programs are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and they have also received special designation as a promising model/innovative practice in five areas:  candidate competencies, key academic standards and assessment anchors, faculty activities and collaboration, field experiences and student teaching and new teacher support.

    We help students build their resumes starting with freshman year. The success of our efforts is verified by our high job placement rate in today’s competitive market and top scores on the professional exams. Of our graduating seniors in the 2012-2013 academic year, 91.7% are employed in their major field of study.  In addition, pass rates on the professional exams were


    Early Childhood PreK-4


    Middle Level 4-8


    Special Education PreK-8


    Secondary 7-12 content areas

    As an undergraduate learner in the School of Education, you will have many hands-on  learning opportunities:

    • Begin field experiences in a school setting during the first semester of their freshman year.
    • Gain extensive, practical field experiences through multiple placements in urban, suburban, and rural schools, including both private and public institutions throughout the four-year program.
    • Engage in a wide variety of service-learning and projects.
    • Qualify for $16,000 in TEACH grant funds that help to underwrite tuition costs.
    • Study at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland, for a semester.
    • Enjoy reciprocal agreements for teacher certification with 45 other states.
    • Participate in four professional organizations that are student led and have received national recognition:
      • Gannon University Society for Exceptional Children (GUSEC) – devoted to service to individuals with special needs
      • Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) – an international education honor society, committed to offering professional development opportunities for its members and the community
      • Future Educators Association (FEA) – dedicated to supporting young people interested in education
      • Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (SPSEA) – committed to providing future educators with preparation for their job search

    The School of Education offers:

    • A professional development school partnership with St. Peter Cathedral School.  Professional development schools combine the preparation of teacher candidates, professional development for practicing teachers and research, with the goal of helping all students learn.
    • A model classroom for instruction, demonstration and performance that mirrors authentic educational settings.
    • A resource room of lesson-planning materials for student use.
    • Literacy outreach programs in the City of Erie where undergraduate students tutor inner city children.
    • The Reading Club, an after-school literacy program at the Martin Luther King Center, a neighborhood community center close to campus.
    • A close affiliation with the Barber National Institute, a premier special education facility.
    • Easy access to access to a variety of educational settings located three to 20 minutes from campus.
    • Opportunities for part-time jobs in the field of education at nearby locations.

    Graduate Education

    The mission of the Graduate Department in the School of Education at Gannon University is to provide professional educators a practitioner-oriented instructional program that is steeped in academic excellence, visionary leadership, ethical practices and collegiality.  Our graduate programs are all taught by real-world teachers, principals, curriculum supervisors and superintendents.  This allows our graduate learners the opportunity to learn the skills they will need to be successful in their careers.

    Graduates of our programs are employed by school districts across the region, and are highly regarded by employers as competent and well-prepared for the positions they hold. 

    As a graduate learner in the School of Education, you will:

    • Become part of a dynamic educational community united by common goals.
    • Become an Agent of Change in your classroom, your school, and your district.
    • Learn to effectively and ethically implement school improvements that result in increased student achievement.
    • Participate in job-embedded internships that contribute to a well-rounded professional preparation.
    • Prepare professional documents that demonstrate your knowledge and skills and can be utilized to demonstrate educator effectiveness and for career growth.
    • Obtain Act 45 and Act 48 professional developmental credits.
    • Experience a flexible program designed for busy working adults.