• Master of Arts

Gannon’s English Master’s program is the only one of its kind in the local area and is designed for the professional student of letters seeking preparation for doctoral study or for continued growth.

  • Program Overview


    The Graduate Program in English is designed for the professional student of letters seeking preparation for doctoral study in the discipline, for teachers of English who desire increased general competency, and for those in business and industry seeking professional growth or personal enrichment.   

    The program is intended to expand the student's knowledge of linguistic and critical theory, composition and rhetoric, literary history, the development of literary genres, and major and minor writers of all periods. Additionally, the program is designed to refine students' responses to literature and language and sharpen their critical judgment, and develop their extended knowledge and expanded abilities into more effective writing, speaking, and teaching. 


    What Makes Us Different

    • With the only English Master's program in the local area, Gannon provides evening classes that accommodate the schedules of working students.
    • Gannon's English department provides a broad background in the discipline with small classes, ideal for high school teachers and students seeking to discover their primary research interests.
    • Students have the opportunity to broaden their perspectives through study with both American and international classmates.
    • Our alumni work in a variety of roles in industry and in education. They are also enrolled in doctoral programs at Purdue University, Michigan State University, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

    Master of Arts Program

    Thirty graduate hours are required. Candidates may elect to take all thirty graduate hours within the English department, or they may elect to take six hours of other graduate level courses approved by the Graduate English Program Director.  

    Students are required to take nine graduate hours in English and American literature and nine graduate hours in language studies courses. Of the graduate hours required in English and American literature, three must be in British literature before 1700 (excluding Shakespeare), three in British literature between 1700 and the present, and three in American literature. Of the graduate hours required in language studies, three must be in theory, three in writing, and three in linguistics. 

    The candidate must take GENGL796 Directed Research as part of the required 30 hours and after completion of at least 21 to 24 hours.