Curriculum and Instruction

  • Program Overview

    The online Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree is designed to facilitate the highest level of teacher performance.  The core courses focus on the mastery of teaching effectiveness for teachers in grades PreK through 12. 

    The Teacher as Agent of Change is the conceptual framework for the M.Ed.  It is a unifying theme for all courses and is particularly applicable to the portfolio evidence as well as the action research process.  Considerable dialogue has taken place in recent years about the need for positive change in American education.  The Gannon Master of Education enables the graduate student to seize the opportunity to engage in a professional process of renewal.  Graduate students are empowered to translate their knowledge and skills into applied action research in the classroom. 

    Teachers as Agents of Change and National Board Standards

    The Teacher as Agent of Change incorporates the propositions of the National Board Standards Five Propositions.  Each proposition is expanded with NBPTS and portfolio standards that clearly describe what the graduating M.Ed. Candidate will be able to know and do as a result of his/her graduate studies. 

    The objectives of the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction are aligned with the following National Board Teaching Standards:

    • Teachers are committed to their students and learning.
    • Teachers know the subject they teach and how to teach the subject to students.
    • Teachers manage and monitor student learning.
    • Teachers think systemically about practice and learn from experience.
    • Teachers are members of learning communities.


    • Students can begin in any semester – Fall, Spring or Summer.
    • Core courses are offered two per semester in 7-week-long sessions.
    • Electives can be taken when it is most convenient for the student.
    • Program can be completed in as few as 4 semesters, including summers (approximately 1 ½ years).

    What Makes Us Different

    • The entire M.Ed. program is completed ONLINE.
    • Tuition is $460/credit* with no additional fees.
    • The M.Ed. is a 30 credit, non-thesis, portfolio-based program.
    • The electives may be used to begin an additional certification such as Principal Certification, Reading Specialist Certification, Supervisor of Curriculum or ESL. 

    *2014-2015 Academic Year

    Program Options

    • Master of Education: Curriculum and Instruction
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