Admission Requirements

    • Completion of 16 academic units at the high school level, four of which must be English; remainder of units are to be comprised of four units of social science, two to four units of mathematics including algebra, two to four units of science including biology and chemistry with labs.
    • Your academic course selection, grades, rank in class, guidance counselor recommendation and SAT/ACT scores will be carefully reviewed for admission consideration.
    • Demonstrate motivation and curiosity through interests and extracurricular activities.
    • Letters of recommendation are considered, as is a personal essay discussing reasons for choosing occupational therapy.
    • Observation or volunteer hours in occupational therapy clinics are not required for admission, but 40 hours are required for the Introduction to Occupational Therapy course your first semester. Getting these hours ahead of time is recommended; additionally, you then have the possibility of getting letters of recommendation from therapists, which can increase your chances of acceptance.