Student Learning Outcomes

  • The curriculum for the Master of Science degree is designed around providing the student with an advanced, well-balanced, and applied educational experience. Upon graduating with a Master's of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science with a concentration in Human Performance from Gannon University, the student will

    • Possess and demonstrate advanced knowledge on testing the physical capabilities of the body and prescribing activity to improve those parameters.
    • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities for laboratory and field testing in both physiology and biomechanics.
    • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the research process including design of a research study as well as analysis and interpretation of collected data.
    • Possess and demonstrate advanced knowledge of the relationship between nutrition and human performance and the psychology of human performance
    • Possess and demonstrate advanced knowledge of the biomechanics and physiology of human performance
    • Demonstrate leadership and expertise in the field of advanced human performance.