Employment Outlook

  • Unlike fitness or personal trainers, exercise physiologists do not work in gyms or fitness centers. Most exercise physiologists work in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics or research facilities such as universities. Some facilities, such as camps or sports therapy clinics, that focus on fitness or are developing fitness programs will hire exercise physiologists. Exercise physiologists may also find employment with nonprofit organizations that offer fitness alternatives for wellness and recovery after an illness. An exercise physiologist may also assist in the development of a physical fitness program or physical education curriculum. As more treatment and rehabilitation programs place an emphasis on fitness for recovery and maintaining good health, opportunities for exercise physiologists should increase. An aging population and a bigger interest in fitness as preventative medicine means that there will be a stable labor market, if not a marked increase in positions, for exercise physiologists. The demand for exercise physiologists is expected to remain strong over the next ten years. This is mostly due to increased life spans and the necessity for high quality of living in the later years of life. Today's retirees expect to remain active and strong during their golden years and exercise physiologists can help them meet their goals.