Physician Assistant

  • Master of Physician Assistant Science Post-Baccalaureate 
    Important Note for those interested in the post-baccalaureate option for Fall 2016 and beyond:

    Thank you for your interest in Gannon University.  Unfortunately, we are not anticipating any available seats in The Physician Assistant Program at the graduate level in the foreseeable future. 

    One of the features of Gannon's Physician Assistant program is that it offers a 5-year master's degree that allows students to enter at the freshman level and complete the Masters in Physician Assistant Science without reapplying upon completion of the bachelor's degree.  The PA program is limited in the number of spots we are able to offer due to limitations set by the accrediting body.  Given the overwhelming response to this option, we are not currently able to offer post-baccalaureate spots to students outside of the 5-year program.  We may, in the future, be able to once again offer positions to students pursuing the post-baccalaureate option.