Program Outcomes

    • Students will learn and demonstrate the ability to critically analyze treatment options through the use of evidence based practice in providing patient care.
    • Students will gain valuable knowledge in the examination, diagnosis and prevention and treatment of injury and illness as well as general health promotion.
    • Students will have the opportunity to engage in diverse clinical experiences working with a variety of different populations.
    • Students will demonstrate and understanding of the integral role played by the athletic trainer in providing acute care of injury and illness.
    • Students will partake in hands-on clinical educational experiences that integrate concepts learned in advanced-level coursework.
    • Students will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities to therapeutically treat injury and illness in athletic and nonathletic populations through the use of common treatment modalities and other treatment protocols.
    • Students will develop and demonstrate an understanding of the physiological, psychological and social impact of injury and illness and will learn and practice strategies for addressing each of these domains.
    • Students will gain an understanding of the role of the athletic trainer as part of the medical team and will acquire knowledge regarding the administration of healthcare in athletic and nonathletic settings.
    • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the professional field of athletic training including its governing bodies, standards of practice, federal and state regulations as well as ethical conduct.