• Students with a proven track record of academic achievement and scientific aptitude may participate in the Combined 5-Year B.S./M.S. Program. It is necessary to plan early and apply before the beginning of the junior year in order to complete the requirements for both programs. In addition to the B.S. requirements, students should plan to complete specific first-year graduate courses during the senior year (see below). No more than 12 graduate credits are allowed prior to the completion of the B.S. degree. It will usually be necessary to spend the summer after the senior year and/or after the first year of graduate school in course work, an internship, or in a research project.

    Recommended Graduate Courses during the Senior Year:

    • GENV 500 Environmental Research Methods (3)
    • GENV 520 Environmental Site Assessment or GENV 522 Wetlands Science & Engineering (2)
    • GENV 536/537 Env Chemistry and lab (4)
    • GENV 540 Industrial Health I (3)
    • GENV 544 Env Law & Regulations (3)

    Total Course Requirements for the 5-year Combined B.S./M.S. Program includes 164 credits (128 credits undergraduate plus 36 credits graduate). Consult the Graduate Catalog  for additional information about other requirements of the graduate program.

Gannon University Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK)

Gannon University announces the launch of the Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK).