Frequently Asked Questions

  • Academics

    What are the best high school courses to take to prepare for the Pre-Physical Therapy Program?

    • While not required, the following courses will be helpful in preparing you for success in the Program
      • Anatomy
      • Physics
      • upper level Biology courses 

    Will my AP courses count for credit?

    • For the Pre-Physical Therapy Program option, we do NOT accept pre-requisite AP science courses
      • however, these courses are very beneficial in preparing you for success in your studies, so they are strongly recommended 
    • Liberal studies courses are usually accepted
    • Submit your AP test scores directly to the Admissions Office (seek help from your Admissions Counselor if needed)


    What courses are calculated into my high school GPA?

    • All courses are calculated into your high school GPA 

    What if I can't decide which major to choose?

    • You have lots of flexibility in majors at Gannon and it is possible to change majors if you change your mind
    • For those who just can't decide, there is an option of "Undecided Health Science/Pre-PT" major
      • the first year of study is similar for many majors in the health science area
      • it is best to declare your major by the first or second year of study to assure that you will complete all required courses in a timely manner
    • Your Admissions Counselor can provide you with information and coordinate visits with faculty to assist you with this decision

    Do I need to complete volunteer hours for admission into the undergraduate or graduate PT Program?

    • At this time, we do not require volunteer hours for admission into either the undergraduate or graduate program
    • We strongly recommend that you job shadow a physical therapist to determine if this is a good career choice for you

    Are there any "guaranteed seat" options for the graduate Doctor of Physical Therapy Program?

    • Yes, there are two options for students who meet and maintain the established requirements 
      • The "4+3" option provides the opportunity for students to have a guaranteed seat in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program after completing their four years of undergraduate study.  The graduate program is three years - hence the "4 + 3"
        • This option adds more major choices (compared to the 3 + 3 option)
        • This is a nice option for qualified students who want to play competitive sports
      • The "3 + 3" option is an accelerated program for students who meet higher admission requirements.  With this option, students enter the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program during their senior year at Gannon.  The credits during that year count towards their undergraduate major as well as their physical therapy degree.  Students in this option finish their undergraduate and graduate studies in six years - hence the "3 + 3".
        • Major choices with this option are limited to Sport and Exercise Science or Science

    What if I don't qualify for a "guaranteed seat" option?

    • 75% of the seats in each Doctor of Physical Therapy class are held for qualified Gannon students (3+3, 4+3, pre-physical therapy)
    • If you are a Gannon undergraduate student and you meet the Doctor of Physical Therapy admission requirements, you will have a reasonably good chance of being admitted into the Gannon DPT program