GE Transportation Facilities 

                              We make full use of all applicable GE Transportation facilities on our industrial projects

    Gannon Facilities


    •  Two laboratories - one with 20 and one with 10 of the latest desktop PCs networked with high capacity multifunction LaserJet printers and plotters. 
    • Computer Projection Systems used for teaching. 
    • PCs connected in laboratories for data acquisition and control. 


    •  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Equation Editor) 
    •  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) 
    • ANSYS finite analysis 
    • CadKey 
    • Visual Basic for Excel 
    • Matlab and simulink plus several tool boxes 
    • Minitab 
    • Computer Aided Analysis and Design Packages for Beans, Shafts, Safety Factors 
    •  Pro Engineer CAD 
    • Mechanical works 
    • Fluent 
    •  Working model 2D and 3D 
    • Problem solving software for mechanic 
    • Problem solving software for thermal systems 


    Lord Automatic Control and Graduate Engineering LAB 
    Director:Dr.Michael J.Panza
    The Laboratory provides both hardware and software for conducting research into interactive dynamic systems and control. Current projects include dynamics and control of compliant beam mechanisms, active vibration and noise control, and mechanic process/actuator/control investigations. OCT tools. Electronics Workbench

    Fluid Mechanics Lab
    Director:Dr. Gong Chen
    Includes wind tunnel, weir tank, piping systems, blower/duct systems, and viscosity devices.

    Heat Transfer Lab
    Director: Dr. Mahesh Aggarwal
    Includes HVAC system, cooling tower, refrigeration system, and devices for conduction, convection, and radiation experiments.

    Strength of Materials Lab 
    Director:Dr. Karinna Vernaza
    Includes tension, compression, and torsion equipment, hardness tester, impact device, fatigue system, photo elastic stress, and strain gauge equipment