Sys Integration Lab Z344

  • ECE Systems Integration Laboratory  


    The Systems Integration Laboratory is a state-of-the-art Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) laboratory to complement classroom instruction and undergraduate research in the design, simulation and fabrication of electronic circuits and systems. 


     ECE Systems Integration Laboratory Z344-2   ECE Systems Integration Laboratory Z344-3 


    This laboratory is utilized to deliver hands-on experiments and projects in circuits, electronics, test and measurement, and electronic system design and integration. The students become proficient in the use of industry-standard tools such as Cadence Pspice for circuit simulation, NI-LabVIEW for data acquisition and analysis, and PCB maker for the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards. The design flow of the electronic systems is shown below. 


     ECE Systems Integration Laboratory Z344-6  


    Laboratory workstation 

    The laboratory workstation, as shown below, comprises laboratory equipment such as function generators, an oscilloscope, frequency counter, and a flat panel monitor connected to the desktop PC with data acquisition hardware and software. 


     ECE Systems Integration Laboratory Z344-1    


    PCB equipment  

    The PCB maker provides an ideal PCB prototyping machine for virtually any engineering environment. First LPKF CircuitCAM is used to control all production data, modify design, import data, and export data; then LPKF BoardMaster is employed to import production data generated by LPKF CircuitCAM and control the circuit board plotter; LPKF ProtoMat is finally adopted to drill the circuit board prototype.


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