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    The Electric Drives Laboratory is a state-of-the-art teaching/research laboratory for Electric Drives and Renewable Energy.


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    This laboratory is utilized to deliver hands-on experiments and projects in electric machines, circuits, power electronics, electric drives, power system and renewable energy. The students become proficient in the use of industry-standard tools such as MATLAB/SIMULINK for electric drives simulation and Opal-RT for real-time hardware-in-the-loop digital control.


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    Faraday Laboratory workstation

    There are six Faraday standard laboratory workstations with each comprising laboratory equipment such as function generators, oscilloscopes, frequency counter, high performance DC power supplies, three-phase autotransformers, power electronics converters, isolators, power meters, and multiple combinations of switches and different types of electrical loads. A typical workbench setup is shown in the following figures.


    ECE Electric Drives Laboratory - 5

    ECE Electric Drives Laboratory - 6


    Opal-RT real-time hardware-in-the-loop electric drives digital control workstation

    There are six Opal-RT real-time electric drives digital control workstations with each comprising state-of-the-art equipment including RT-LAB power electronics power processing unit, AC/DC electrical motors and generators, digital encoder for speed measurement, current/voltage sensor boards, FPGA card within Linux system, and latest version of MATLAB/SIMULINK and Opal-RT.


    ECE Electric Drives Laboratory - 7


    Renewable energy workstation

    The electric drives laboratory is also equipped with wind turbine generator and solar panel stations. A lab-size stand-alone electrical power system with distributed power with both traditional and renewable energy resources can be set up in the lab. Students can gain hands-on experience with renewable energy through specially designed instructional experiments. Advanced research projects can be carried out to emulate a real electrical power system and to predict dynamic behavior of the electrical power systems with high penetration of renewable energy resources.


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