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  • ECE Communications Laboratory 


     The Communication Laboratory in the ECE department is a modern laboratory facility for classroom instructions and undergraduate research in design, simulation, and implementation of  communication systems and networks. The laboratory equipment includes function  generators, digital oscilloscopes, mixed-signal oscilloscopes, a high-frequency RF power  meter, frequency counter, spectrum analyzer, and logic analyzers. The computer  network in the lab is established based on the thin-client virtual-desktop concept using  NComputing, Inc.’s platform connected via a dedicated 1 Gbps high-speed LAN.                                                                                                                                                     

    ECE Communications Laboratory - 1 



    This laboratory is utilized to facilitate hands-on experiments for the ECE courses in the fields of wireless and tethered communications such as introduction to communication systems, computer communication networks, wireless data communication, and simulation of communication systems. The students learn to become proficient in the use of industry-standard tools such as OPNET for network simulation and MATLAB for signal processing, as well as the laboratory equipment for design and testing. For instance, a test setup for a student project to design a high-altitude ballooning payload is shown in the figure.  


    ECE Communications Laboratory - 2