Chemistry Club

  • Chemistry Club

    The Gannon University Chemistry Club is open to chemistry majors and any Gannon student with an interest in science and chemistry.  Chemistry Club members participate in science-related activities and community service both on- and off-campus.  Annual events include:

    • Participating in National Chemistry Week demonstrations at the Millcreek Mall, bringing science to life for children and the public
    • Volunteering at the local Harry Potter Potions Festival
    • Raising money for the Pennies for PUR Water campaign that contributes to the Children's Safe Drinking Water program
    • Designing their popular chemistry-themed club T-shirt each year
    • Attending local seminars and events hosted by the American Chemical Society


    The Chemistry Club is advised by Mr. Robert Stallbaum and meets each month on the fourth floor of the Zurn Science Center.  Please contact one of the section officers for more information if you would like to join!  


     The Chemistry Club celebrates with mini-moles at National Chemistry Week 


    2012-2013 Chemistry Club Officers (clockwise from back left):   

    Jenna Matis, Beth Facchine, Courtney Sosinski, and Hannah Feezle

    2012-2013 Officers

    President, Courtney Sosinski 

    My name is Courtney Sosinski, and I am the Chemistry Club president.  I am a senior chemistry major and mathematics minor.  I like chemistry because I enjoy having an explanation for a lot of the basic everyday things that happen in our world.  After my senior year at Gannon University, I hope to go to graduate school and earn a Ph.D. in physical chemistry.  I then want to share my education with others by becoming a college professor.  My biggest role models are my teachers.  


     Vice President, Jenna Matis 

    Jenna Matis is a senior chemistry major and the Vice President of Chemistry Club. After graduating from Gannon in May, she hopes to attend medical school and fulfill her aspirations of becoming a radiologist. Her favorite thing about chemistry is that there is always something new and exciting just waiting to be found. 


    Secretary, Hannah Feezle 

    Hi, my name is Hannah Feezle and I am a senior chemistry major at Gannon.  I have enjoyed my time at Gannon so far.  However, my future plans include trying to enter the industry with plans of later pursuing graduate school for either analytical or medicinal chemistry.  I chose chemistry as my major because it is a very central, multifaceted science with various opportunities now, and the potential for even more in the coming years.  When I'm not studying or working as a laboratory assistant and prep, I enjoy shopping, doing yoga and snowboarding.  Along with being the secretary of chemistry club I am also involved in Gannon's Student Government Association and Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity.  


    Treasurer, Beth Facchine 

    Beth is a chemistry major and math minor and her future plan is to go to grad school.  She is currently working at Lord Corporation as an analytical chemist intern.  She enjoys chemistry because she likes knowing why things act the way they do.