Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Gannon

    Where is the nearest airport?

    The Erie International Airport is located about 20 minutes from the Gannon campus. Several airlines fly in and out of the airport. More information about the airport can be found at The Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo airports are within a two-hour drive of Erie.

    Where is Gannon University located?

    Gannon is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania in Erie, the state's fourth largest city. Situated on the southern shores of Lake Erie, the city's downtown region is home to Gannon's urban campus. The city's location is unique, since it is in the midst of geographical triangle. Erie is just a short distance, two hours or less driving time, from larger metropolitan areas such as Cleveland, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh. The central location of the Gannon campus gives students ample opportunities for internships, volunteering, and future employment after graduation.

    How safe is the Gannon campus?

    Gannon University and the Office of Campus Police and Safety are committed to providing a safe living and learning environment for students. On Gannon's campus, which is consistently rated as safe, Gannon's campus safety employs 11 sworn police officers and three full-time security officers who patrol the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, the Erie Police Department station is located across the street from Gannon offices, which facilitates the close cooperation between departments that leads to a safer campus and city. Knight Watch provides escorts for students going to and from Gannon facilities at night.

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    How is the weather in Erie?

    Erie's climate offers something for every kind of outdoor enthusiast. In the summer, the beautiful beaches along Lake Erie, known as Presque Isle State Park, attract thousands of visitors each year. In the winter there are activities to fit every need, such as Peek-n-Peak Ski Resort, which is only thirty minutes away. Because of the close proximity of Gannon's campus to Lake Erie, winters are typically cold with "lake effect" snow and wind. The snow typically passes over Erie and falls in the snowbelt between Edinboro and Meadville. The campus and streets are well-maintained, so travel is rarely difficult. (Get a heavy coat, warm hat, boots, and gloves for the winter season.)

    How is the public transportation?

    For getting around the Erie area, students can call a taxi or take the Erie Metro Bus. The bus leaves from Perry Square on State Street. There is also a water taxi that transports passengers from the pier to Presque Isle. Air and ground transportation are available to most destinations through Erie International Airport, Greyhound Bus, or Amtrak Rail System.

    Does Gannon offer an ROTC program?

    Yes. Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) offers additional training in leadership, organization, time management, decision making and problem solving. You'll receive adventure training including mountaineering, rappelling, orienteering, marksmanship, water survival and first aid. There is no service obligation if you elect to participate in ROTC during your first two years at Gannon. 

    Does Gannon offer an Honors Program?

    If you are especially motivated and demonstrate superior academic ability, we encourage you to consider the University Honors Program. We accept qualified applicants from all majors and programs. Apart from the academic benefits that the program offers - like smaller class sizes and closer contact with faculty - there are many opportunities for growth and learning, including cultural activities, field trips, regional conferences, and various discussion groups.

  • Academics

    Are there opportunities for students to do co-ops and internships in the area?

    Yes, the unique location of Gannon's campus to Erie's main business district gives GU students a wide range of co-ops and internships from which to choose. There are numerous business, governmental, industrial, educational, and health-related offices within walking distance of the campus. There are also regional, national, and international co-ops and internships available, as well as field placements and study abroad programs.

    Is tutorial assistance available?

    Yes, many peer tutors are available (free of charge) to work with students during regularly scheduled hours. Some teaching assistants work with students taking a particular course. Students can request tutorial assistance through the Student Success Center.

    What is the Core of Discovery?

    The Core of Discovery includes courses in Composition, Theology, Social and Natural Sciences, and Fine Arts. These courses help students gain universally desired skills. The Core of Discovery is included in each major field of study at Gannon University.

    Can students get to know their professors personally?

    Gannon University acknowledges the individual. There is a tradition of close interaction among all members of the university community. All faculty members maintain office hours and most are available before and after class to talk with students.

    Who can students talk to if they are having academic difficulty?

     Students are encouraged to seek assistance from the professor of the course in which they are having difficulty. Others who may be helpful are the student's academic advisor, the Academic Advising Center, the Office of New Student Services, the Counseling Office, the Career Development Office, and the Tutorial Services Office.

    Where on campus can I buy books for my classes?

     Both new and used textbooks and other supplies for all classes are sold at the University Bookstore located in the north end of the A.J. Palumbo Academic Center at Eighth and Peach Streets.

    What is Gannon's policy on the SAT?

    Admission requirements vary by academic program. For students who took the SAT prior to March of 2016, Gannon only uses the Math and Critical Reading sections (1600 total). For students who took the SAT again or for the first time starting in March 2016, Gannon will recalculate the SAT to concord with old SAT scores.

    How is the library facility?

    Gannon's Nash Library offers books, periodicals, and other library materials which support the courses being taught across the University's curriculum. It houses over 300,000 volumes and seats nearly 1,000 people. There are three lecture rooms, lounges, a group study room, and a multimedia studio with internet access.

    Where can students study on campus?

     If the students tires of studying in his/her room, many of the academic buildings are open during the evening so students can utilize empty classrooms. The Nash Library is open during the academic year for private study and research. A late night study lounge is also available in the Waldron Campus Center.

    How many hours a week should I study?

     The amount of study time a student needs will vary greatly depending upon the individual's ability and understanding in a particular subject. It is usually recommended that a student spend at least two hours studying outside of class for every credit hour of class time.

  • Admission

    What is the application deadline?

    Undergraduate applications are processed on an on-going process throughout the year. Applicants will typically be notified of an admissions decision within 3-4 weeks, once their application and transcripts have been received. It is recommended that high school students apply early in their senior year.

    The Physician Assistant program has an application deadline of November 1.

    How do I apply to Gannon University?

     It is easy to apply to Gannon! You can either apply online or apply via a printed application. The application fee is $25. Submit your application, along with official high school transcripts, test scores and personal statement to the Office of Admissions, 109 University Square, Erie, PA 16541-0001.

    Does Gannon offer admission under an Early Decision Program?

    While Gannon does not offer an Early Decision Program, Gannon accepts applications year-round through a rolling admissions process. The application deadline for the Physician Assistant program is November 1.

    How do I set up a campus visit?

    We encourage all students to visit and learn more about Gannon. Visits include a meeting with an admissions representative and a campus tour led by one of our student Gannon Guides. We also offer you the opportunity to meet with faculty in your area of interest and our financial aid representatives. We typically offer visits at 10:30am and 1:30pm daily. You can request by calling our Campus Visit Coordinator at 1-800-GANNON-U (1-800-426-6668) ext. 7407.

    Is health insurance available for students?

    Yes, health insurance is available for students. You will be mailed information regarding the program during the summer prior to your entrance into your freshman fall semester.

  • College Life

    How available are computers on campus?

    Gannon University provides computers in 8 computer labs. Each computer has Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), Web-based email and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Each lab also has a network laser printer. Gannon also provides 4 Desktop Publishing Workstations configured with a scanner, Photoshop, Acrobat, MS Publisher and MS FrontPage. If you plan on bringing your own computer, residence halls and campus apartments have connections to the Gannon Network. These connections give students direct access to the Internet, Email and Nash Library online resources.

    Is Mass available on campus?

    The Roman Catholic Mass is offered twice every Sunday during the academic semesters in the Mary Seat of Wisdom Chapel on campus. Weekday Catholic Masses are also offered. In addition, there are numerous churches of other denominations that offer regular services off-campus.

    Are on-campus jobs available to students during the school year?

    Yes, there are many on-campus jobs available in various departments on campus. Some positions require students to be eligible for work study (a financial aid award); while other positions are available for any student to consider. The Career Development and Employment Services office on campus also posts part-time positions available in the Erie metropolitan area.

    Can freshman bring cars?

    First-year students are discouraged from bringing cars to campus. Due to the location of the campus, parking is limited. Because of the campus layout and proximity of buildings, it is easy for students to navigate the campus as a pedestrian.

    What kind of extracurricular activities are on campus and in the city of Erie?

    Many campus-wide activities are available to students throughout the school year such as movies, comedians, different volunteer projects, activities sponsored by clubs and organizations, intramural sports and many more. Preview GU, Homecoming, Family Weekend and Springtopia are just a few of the major events offered here. In addition, the close proximity of the Gannon campus to Erie's bayfront district allows students to take advantage of plays, concerts, museums, beaches, shopping, local sporting events and a wide variety of restaurants.

    How many students live on campus?

    Approximately 1000-1200 students live in on-campus housing, which includes our residence halls and upperclass apartments. All students are required to live on campus for their first three semesters, but are encouraged to live on campus throughout their time at Gannon.

    Who can students talk to if they are having personal problems?

    The Counseling Office and the Office of New Student Services offer help to the student experiencing personal or social difficulties. Counselors are available to provide individual assistance which is supportive and confidential.

    Are fraternities and sororities a big part of the campus life here?

    Yes. There are many social, academic and professional fraternities and sororities at Gannon. Approximately 12% of the undergraduates at Gannon are members of fraternities and sororities. Fraternities and sororities were founded on four basic principles: leadership, scholarship, service and friendship. The Office of Student Organizations and Leadership Development assists fraternities and sororities as they strive to fulfill these basic principles. Gannon University fraternities and sororities provide that "home away from home" for students who choose to affiliate with one of our 12 groups.

    What athletics or sports does Gannon offer?

    Gannon University offers 18 intercollegiate athletic teams at the Division II level. Over 400 student athletes participate in varsity sports on the Gannon campus. 

    Are there bike spaces available on campus?

    Yes, for those who choose to bike, there are racks located at the following locations:

    • Behind Zurn Science Center, West 8th Street
    • By Nash Library, to the right of the main entrance on Sassafras Street
    • By the Student Services Building (side door)
    • At the Peach Street entrance of the A.J. Palumbo Academic Center.


  • Commuter Life

    How do I find out if my class is delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather?

    To find out about campus delays and closings, call the Gannon Emergency Hotline at 871-5555.

    As a commuter student, where do I park?

    Gannon offers 275 discounted parking spaces for full time undergraduate commuter students. These spaces are located in the Erie Parking Authority Ramps. If you are interested in one of these spaces, you must enter the parking lottery prior to the fall semester. Upon making a commitment to attend Gannon, you will receive information pertaining to the lottery in an envelope marked "time sensitive material" during the third week of July. If you do not receive the parking- lottery, call the Commuter Life Office at 814-871-5882.

    You may also contact the Erie Parking Authority. They charge $50 a month to park in their ramps plus a $5 deposit for the parking card. You may contact them directly for additional information at 814-456-7588.

    Another option is the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority's Park n'Ride program. You may park free at the Bayfront and Liberty Street parking lot. For fifty cents one way or $20 for a monthly pass, a shuttle bus travels close to Gannon approximately every 15 minutes. A final alternative would be meter parking or street parking which is available within walking distance of campus, if you don't mind the daily hunt for an open spot.

    Will I be able to make copies on campus?

    You may use your GU Gold Card to make copies on any copy machine that has a swipe attachment. Machines are located in all academic buildings and in the Nash Library. 

    How can I get involved on campus?

    LIFECORE is a way to get involved on campus and get credit on your co-curricular transcript (a record of your campus activities). Get a "life" in the following dimensions by participating in LIFECORE: Social, Political, Life Planning, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Sexual, and Cultural.

    Do I have access to the Health Center?

    To utilize the services of the Gannon Student Health Center you must have a Gannon Health Form on file. Health insurance is also available. To request a Health-- Form or insurance enrollment packet, call 814-871-7622.

    Where can I hang out between classes?

    Student lounges are available all over campus and provide just the space you need to do a little studying or relaxing. In addition, commuters have access to a study area specifically for commuters located in the A.J. Palumbo Academic Center. 

    Where can Commuters keep their books between class?

    A limited number of student lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Lockers are located in the A.J. Palumbo Academic Center. Interested students may contact the Commuter Corner at 814-871-5688 for more information.

  • Financial Aid

    Do a lot of students receive financial aid at Gannon?

    Yes. About 90% of Gannon students qualify for financial assistance through scholarships, grants, loans and employment. Gannon is committed to working with each student to maximize financial aid. Students are encouraged to complete the Early Version Award application to enable the University to provide an advanced notice of a financial aid package.

    What is the Net Price Calculator

    The Gannon Net Price Calculator can be submitted to receive an estimate of financial aid. Gannon University's Net Price Calculator was developed to help families plan for educational costs.  In addition to merit scholarships and grants, the calculator will utilize Federal Methodology to estimate an expected family contribution (EFC). The EFC will be used to determine eligibility for federal, state and institutional need-based financial aid. The results of this process will provide you with a comprehensive package of merit, need and self-help resources to use as a financial planning tool.

  • International

    What are the recommended application deadlines for International students?

    International applications are processed on an on-going process throughout the year. Applicants will typically be notified of an admissions decision within 3-4 weeks, once their application and transcripts have been received. It is recommended that high school students apply early in their senior year.

    How long will it take to have a decision on my application?

    Generally, after a file is complete the process takes 2-3 weeks.

    Does Gannon University have TOEFL requirements?

    Yes.  The minimum score required for undergraduate programs is 500 and the minimum required score for graduate programs is 550.

    Can I receive credit for classes taken at another college or university?

    Classes transferred in are determined by the Dean of the school that you are applying to. To find out if classes you have taken are transferable, send an official transcript from every institution you attended.

    Does Gannon offer scholarships or other financial aid to International students?

    International students are eligible for Athletic as well as Academic Scholarships which are based on transcripts and test scores.

    What International organizations are available?

    One of the activities on campus that most International students are involved with is the Global Unity at Gannon University (GU Squared).