Shefali Amin

Gannon has become my home away from home, making me #GUthankful to be a part of a community that inspires me to pursue my dreams.

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Ellise Chase

I am #GUthankful for Gannon’s amazing faculty, who bring knowledge and real-world experience into the classroom that I will take with me into my career.

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Mike Squeglia

I am #GUthankful for the encouragement to build relationships with students from around the world. Together we can make a difference.

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Jessica Edmondson

I am #GUthankful for the two service-learning trips to a third-world country where I was able to impact the lives of others.

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Nate Carlin

As a leader in many different clubs and organizations, I am #GUthankful for the encouragement I’ve received from my supportive mentors.

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Krystle Curtis

To study in a renowned health science program and to continue my family’s legacy of earning a Gannon degree makes me #GUthankful.

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Sarah Maguire

Interning at a Fortune 500 company has made me #GUthankful for the competitive edge I’ve gained that will prepare me to enter a career upon graduation.

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Olivia Burger

Being enrolled in an accelerated program at Gannon makes me #GUthankful that I can enter a prestigious graduate school a year earlier.

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Kyle Volkman

I am #GUthankful for the scholarship and academic opportunities in Gannon’s Army ROTC program, where I’ve been shown the type of leadership and care I hope to model when I serve my country.

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Anna Swick

Gannon has given me a place to live out my Catholic faith, while challenging me to see the world through new perspectives. That’s why I’m #GUthankful.

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Brenon Joseph

Working alongside my professors and classmates on NASA-sponsored scientific research, makes me #GUthankful for the hands-on experience I’ve attained.

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Hamza Mourchid

Playing a sport I’ve loved since my childhood at a University that shares my values and belief in my possibilities makes me #GUthankful.

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Kelli Kallenborn

I am #GUthankful to have met a team of lifelong friends and to have found a major that I love with the help of Gannon’s caring professors.

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Scott Cloudy

My internship with the DEA made me #GUthankful for the professional skills and valuable knowledge it gave me to succeed in my profession.

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Tierra Johnson

My clinical experience and academic courses make me feel empowered, humbled and #GUthankful to represent the Gannon family in the nursing field.

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Brendan Klemensic

I am #GUthankful for the chance to receive a great education while continuing my athletic career, and for the friends I’ve made here who’ve become family to me.

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Alli Hess

With over 100 academic programs at Gannon, I am #GUthankful to have found the perfect one for me.

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Joel Martin

Being at a university where I can be close to my family and receive a quality education makes me #GUthankful.

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Kateyln Gourley

I am #GUthankful for the people that make Gannon my home away from home, right here in my hometown.

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Mary Wassell

Transferring to Gannon has made me #GUthankful to be able to compete in the sport I love.

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Samantha Griswold

I am #GUthankful for the experience I’ve gained exploring a passion for journalism that I will take with me into a competitive media field.

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Nick Devine

I’m #GUthankful for the privilege to be able to work alongside my professors as we explore the frontiers of technology.

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Heather Hinterberger

I am #GUthankful for my classmates and Faculty at the Ruskin, Fl. campus for believeing in me and my dreams.

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Tom Barton

The support I’m shown by the Gannon family makes me #GUthankful and confident to pursue my ideas and endeavors.

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